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I'm Anish Kachinthaya

An Introduction

Here's a little bit about me.

Image Data exists all around us. It is the temperature of every environment, the score for every test, the revenue for every company, and the formula of every chemical. How we analyze this data and make use of it to our own benefit is up to us, as people. My name is Anish Kachinthaya, and I am currently a junior at Dublin High School. As a creative and motivated individual, I would like to interpret and make use of the world’s data to make informed decisions in society as a data scientist in the future. To achieve this goal, I plan to attend a four-year college and intern in a technology company in order to gain the experience needed to take on this career. The information is all around us, and rather than basing our decisions on assumptions, we should be able to predict outcomes and make decisions based on existing data. With a passion for statistics and coding, data science appeals to me as a field in which I can make use of both of these skills to benefit society.

I am currently in Dublin High School’s Engineering Academy and a member of Gael Force Robotics team 5327B, which I have been a part of for the past two years. I am also a tech enthusiast, video editor, designer, and of course, data scientist in the making. Although I have been a tinkerer ever since I was young, I was first introduced to coding in fourth grade, with Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s very own visual programming language, Scratch. I sat fascinated by my childhood dreams unfolded in front of my very own eyes and took hold of every opportunity to learn more about what I could do with it, expanding my experience through projects in Python, Javascript, Web Development, and C++.

In eighth grade, I gained enough experience to take the position as the president of the coding club, where programmers and engineers would come together and share and test code to understand its potential. Last year, in VEX Robotics, after hours and hours of work, my team made it to the State Championships, where we won the Design Award, and VEX Worlds, where we won the Think Award. I was greatly motivated to move forward in robotics and it has become a true passion of mine. This year alone, we have won four awards for being tournament champions, for design, for skills, and for our overall excellence at tournaments.

These experiences have shaped my love for engineering so I hope to one day use them and advance technology as we know it. I would like to thank anyone who puts aside the time to take a look at my portfolio!

For more information, feel free to check out my resume.