Work Experience


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As an aspiring engineer, I've taken every opportunity that has been hurled at me to learn more about the workplace and gain skills that will help me develop in my field. During my time in Dublin High's Engineering Academy, I have been to a number of field trips. One particular field trip that stood out to me was the Patriot Jet Team Air Hangar, where I received the opportunity to take a close look at a number of planes used by the civilian aerobatic formation team that performs air shows, the Patriots Jet Team. At this field trip, I was able to look at planes that actually had been in flight at some point, and learned about different factors that are taken into mind when creating an airplane such as aerodynamics, weight, and design. I learnt about many small things that engineers need to account for, like the number of forces that exist in different altitudes, a way to measure the speed of the plane based on air pressure, and the use of expendable fuel tanks to reduce the weight of a plane after the fuel tank is no longer needed. I have considered entering the field of astrophysics and aeronautical engineering, and this field trip was memorable to me as it showed me that this field has a significant impact in the real world. I also took a lot of information from this trip, including flight terminology and even the scale of the solar system.

The Engineering Academy has also given me the opportunity to hear the stories of many experienced engineers. One particular guest speaker that influenced me was Maynard Holliday, a mechanical engineer who is currently a senior engineer at RAND Corporation. Under the Livermore National Labaratory, he was on the team to take samples at the Chernobyl Nuclear sie as the fuel could burn through the earth. He made a robot and a vision system to navigate the ambient (high radiation & temperature) environment. Some constraints for this project were portability, modularity, and ability to survive in an ambient environment. As a builder at Gael Force Robotics, I was able to relate to these needs and was able to envision how a robot such as the one he made would possibly work. I took away how constraints are essentially what decide everything about a robot, and without them, a robot would have no purpose. I was inspired by his career as I was able to relate and see how robotics is applied in the real world.


  • 2015-2016

    Fallon Engineering Lab

    Thanks to FEL at Fallon Middle School, I became inspired to learn more about robotics and gain a deeper understanding of engineering. Here, I built a robot with a premade chassis, controlled by a Raspberry Pi. The robot could be controlled via Bluetooth from my computer, and it was coded using Python 2.

  • 2015-2016

    FLL Robotics

    Using the Lego Mindstorms robotics kit, my team and I built a robot to perform the objectives of the FLL Trash Trek Game. We placed second at the regional tournament and made it to the State Championships.

  • 2016-2017

    VRC Starstruck

    In the Starstruck season, my team won the Design Award at the State championship and the Think Award at VEX Worlds. Since this was my first year of VRC, I learnt the basics of VEX robotics to prepare for a leadership role in the following years.

  • 2017

    HSHacks III

    HSHacks III was my first hackathon and a wonderful learning experience. The pressure of building a product in 24 hours helped me use and make an app with Android Studio without ever using it before.

  • 2017-2018

    VRC In the Zone

    Back for the second season of the VRC competition, my team was very successful once again winning the Design Award at states and making it to VEX Worlds.

  • January 2018


    CruzHacks, my second hackathon, was a unique experience as my team was one of the few high school teams (most teams consisted of college students). We learnt how to use Firebase and live video streaming.

  • March 2018

    LAHacks (Los Altos)

    At Los Altos Hacks, my team and I experimented with different hardware devices to see how we could apply their functionalities to create a product. I learnt a lot about using APIs and libraries to interface with these devices.

  • 2017-2018

    Tri-Valley Youth Expo

    In the Tri-Valley Youth Expo, I was one of the organizers in charge of running Expo Hacks. Although it was our first time, we managed to run the hackathon smoothly on schedule and received positive feedback from the student hackers.

  • 2018-2019

    VRC Turning Point

    This year, VRC has a new challenge combining a number of challenges from the previous years. My team has qualified for the State Championships by winning the Excellence Award at the Dougherty Valley High School tournament.

  • The Present!